Our objective is to provide our customers with unparalleled service and support by leveraging the vast experience and knowledge of our employees in conjunction with our efforts to remain at the forefront of our industry in terms of safety. Safety and service are the cornerstones of our business and we strive to be the best in the industry for both. It is through these avenues that MTL will create jobs, contribute to the growth and strength of our nation, and continue to build shareholder value. The relationships with our customers will be based on these ideals to the mutual benefit of both parties involved. Guy McKenzie Sr. was an entrepreneur in the purest sense of the word; and, with that as our legacy, we will strive every day to meet the challenges of our industry with commitment to our customers and employees, innovation, and integrity.


We believe in the development and retention of a strong cadre of professional drivers and staff that function as a team. Drivers are the lifeblood of MTL and we seek to treat them at all times with the same honesty and integrity that we expect of them as representatives of MTL. The driver is the mission for our staff in the terminals and at MTL’s corporate offices. Our staff knows that the only path to success involves excellent communication between each other, the drivers, and our customers. We believe that a successful business relationship must be a pro-active partnership between the shipper and the carrier. We strive to only promise what we can deliver and deliver it safely. The value of our services to our customers stems from reliability, safety, performance, and accountability and it is our honest intention to always provide our services at the level to which our customers have grown accustomed and expect.


Established in 1944, McKenzie Tank Lines, Inc. (“MTL”) has grown from two tank trailers hauling petroleum products to a large diversified fleet of approximately 300 tractors and 900 tank trailers. Employing some 400 drivers, mechanics, and other staff, the MTL team collectively represents the company’s reputation for reliability, service, safety and integrity

Operating from 13 terminals in 6 states, MTL serves a host of the nation’s leading industrial companies in the South East and across the country and Canada. MTL transports chemicals, propane and petroleum products. The company has earned a long-standing reputation for dependability and safety. Our strong service commitment promotes customers’ peace of mind and solidifies sound relationships that have lasted decades. MTL seeks to establish strategic partnerships with many of our customers for the benefit of our employees, our customers, and the shareholders alike.

Our founder, W. Guy McKenzie, Sr., worked for many years as an avid entrepreneur in the transportation industry in Florida and throughout the southeast. Mr. McKenzie’s reputation for fairness, dedication to his employees, and acute business acumen inspired loyalty and respect from customer and driver alike. Mr. McKenzie’s vision and strong personal values provided a strong and lasting foundation for the expansion of the company. The successful operation of McKenzie Tank Lines, Inc. continues to be grounded in a straightforward set of values that reflect the culture of our people and our business principles.

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